Easily visualize, plan and manage your facility, minimize downtime risk to your assets with Manpro.net’s digital twin. A digital approach to facility management helps leaders assess security risks, develop plans, protect staff and assets, and improve daily operations.

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Asset Management

Allows organizations to visualize and control services, room and building details, and asset information in a user-friendly map-based system.

Real-time visualization and analytics of Assets

Complete asset history at your fingertips in seconds

Share status updates quickly and seamlessly

Real-time visualization and analytics of Assets

Planned Preventive Maintenance

Keeping assets up and running with a preventive maintenance plan is essential for your success. Reduce equipment downtime and increase the lifespan of your equipment and assets.

Schedule, prioritize, and organize work orders based on time intervals

Easy to analyze and locate equipment that require the most maintenance

Determine when to purchase new equipment and when to fix old equipment

Cross link and Collaborate all your maintenance requirements

Planned Preventive Maintenance
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Inventory Management

The Manpro.net System supports to maintain and manage Inventory of Spare Parts for Equipment. There are further integrations possible with Vendors for automated ordering once Inventory falls below threshold values.

Data Visualization of Inventory location could be done on Maps

Track inventory levels with QR codes and barcode tags

Streamline item maintenance to boost functionality

Manage all your users and vendors with one solution

Healthcare Compliance

Technology is transforming the future of healthcare facility management in terms of faster access to critical data and emergency preparedness.
Facility Management Software Dubai

Minimize disruptions by always being prepared for an Inspection

Automate preventive maintenance and integrate with compliance reports.

Effortless healthcare asset management on the cloud

Easily locate, track and maintain assets within one intuitive system

Show surveyors a clear history of maintenance and safety operations.

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asset management software in Dubai

Cleaning Services

One of the most used modules by Cleaning companies and Real Estate owners is the Cleaning services management module. This enables to create automated workflows and processes to drive all operations from a single platform.

Space Analysis and automatic calculation of surfaces

Traceability Management through TAG and iBeacon for service activities and much more

Fast, simple and affordable solution to streamline all day-to-day cleaning routine and keep your staff organized as well as optimized

Environment Management

Environmental monitoring the first of the five senses of an intelligent building utilized various types of sensors to track occupancy , assess lighting level, gauge temperature and humidity and monitor energy consumption.


A secure, AI-powered platform

Mobile, Cloud-based Technology offers Complete Flexibility

Built on Modern Technologies

ISO Certified

Provides Better Support

Safe, Secure, and User Friendly

Ensure equipment's and assets are running efficiently

Handover quality documentation on time

Securely upload documents and drawings to one location.

Analyze historical maintenance information to see how a task was performed

Easy to find out replicas of data

Authentication and authorization to users

Supports updating your app with new procedures, equipment details and building information

Delivers training for your team

Exceptional customer service

Improving operational Visibility

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